Saturday, January 12, 2008

what you see

all he knew is
she had to be kissed
all the words
no matter missed
eyes wide and stars glide
the scent of mums
Oh exquisite creature
you have been missed

more than a moment
those days with no rain
time as a law
we had been through this pain
hearts racing and raw
know this will wane
never the same

turning towards home
an unfamiliar way
of being alone
no longer wanting to stay
i will see you in dreams
when there's nothing to say

Monday, October 16, 2006

I am surrounded by images of a woman I will know
when I am further down the road.
I can smell her hair and hear her laugh as she looks beyond me
towards her passion, one of many.
In one at four, I see her grace,
in another at seven, her wit's served with a keen eye.
In innocence,there are serious expressions, the observor left to ponder her thoughts.
The girl is becoming her own woman
as the woman becomes the crone,
with grace and wit and a beauty within.
We will dance together till the end.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

what's this

Thick wetted low tone moan
below bloated bellies
and empty valleys of fear
rhythmic pulsing waves build
to crack a hinged head
melting in the moment
the thrill is left heaped in Shadow

Will the joy fade before you rise from your knees
begging all eyes 'see' the
serving grasping gasping
fasting tales of fleeting power
unsustained in septagonal matrices
those wicked webs
trapping thought time

Seeping into fissures of the Path
crustyrank remnants of possibilities remain
The passions reveal the pained innocent
reflected in words for the strangers
that are silently moving away
while gossamer temptations
flow behind them before they are consumed

Sunday, August 27, 2006


Woke up in Time to know the past
as frayed loose threads
mingled with the ground
some burnworn
others cut clean, for Now

Windthoughts drift from sisters to fathers
what devides us at intersections
defines us in dreams
We are entangled here
drifting over the same waters
of Thought, grasping clouds
begging energy
like trackers stalking soulfood and heartstorms

warnings and signs appear from the Center
some lost in awe's design
while others be freshmade Innocence
concieved by Intent and fireseed Light
a Souldesire sparked in Pure Indigo Hope
born from a wombtomb Temple
where 'all the world is Green'

Oh Forces of Nature
lustfully lost to the whims of the sea
Shear winds can reveal your Heart
Cool waters rob your power
it is not for you to be certain
of the Path walked by the new Stranger
betrayed by Selfdeeds seeded in Thee

Hold the thought in Preparation
watch the sky lift your garden from the Earth
as all the manifestations form us
fall away like a Veil
and a residue remains
struggling to carry away
what it is you Desired to keep
before the storm
casually shows Integrity of Purpose

Wednesday, August 23, 2006


the view from here is Green
it is rarely quiet
there is a rhythm
a cacophonic reminder of the power of nature
left to breathe and grow
with little maintenance
and droves of intent
for a sound forest sanctuary
where bones melt beneath centurian trees
our history feeds her falling leaves

Monday, July 31, 2006

elocation continued

there is a moist silence to this day
heavy heat creeps round the corners
through my window
clouded by years
encrusted with webs of constant attendants to the business of life
Spider says
create space for rebirth on this
impregnated timewave of claritious purpose
in spite of webs
and dust
and smudged eyes
against the glass

make time capsules of the cave
for the time
the maze will open
in a time
that has sent messages we may
see from here
on days when the air is still
and heavy
and wet
with wonderjoy
like her belly
the birth
the cycle
the song
will not stop for you

Thursday, July 20, 2006


they hang their heads out the car window
winding up the springs road
down the tunnel of green
our portal towards home
illuminated at midnight
minds full of music
hair whipped by air

it is moving
to hear their words of wonder
"i can see the stars
and the trees look so beautiful
how they are lite up
like that
i know we are moving but it doesnt feel like it really"
a dimension
the in between
and order
and dark
as seen by my child

"let me out here mom
so i can
run to the house
through the grass

remember, my love, to let go
so you don't get caught
under the wheels